Friends & You (for Telefónica Germany)

Marco Siccardi was an employee of Telefónica Germany since 2007 until the end of 2014. With doing software development besides his main job, he gets recognized within the company.

In 2013, the Head of Customer Services needed a developer that was able to develop an app that should help to improve customer service with the help of Telefónica’s employees. This was the birth of Friends & You.

During development of the application, Marco Siccardi acquired a lot of additional knowledge, especially in creating apps that follow the corporate identity of a company, respect the privacy policy and follow other internal rules. The involvement of all intern offices was a huge knowledge win as well.

Here is what the app is about:

„You are working with o2, right? I have a question/concern…” – Many of us have been asked already for help by friends or relatives, when they have questions about the products and contracts of our employer. Of course you want to help, but often you do not have the solution at hand or the access to the needed information is cumbersome.

After an employee has saved its personal data, the app provides an easy way to collect the information about the question/concern and send it to a special team inside Telefónica’s customer service.

Check out some screens from Android:

Check out some screens from Windows Phone:

Check out some Screens from iOS:

The Android and iOS variants are completely written with Xamarin.

The application itself is only available for employees that registered for the application.


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