More Apps

Besides our hero apps, we made also some other apps or extracted features from our hero apps to smaller apps. Here is a list of them:

car dashboard (Windows Phone 8.1)

car dashboard is your starting point while driving in your car and offers:

  • shows actual date and time
  • shows battery info
  • shows important connection status (WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular, Location) and opens settings page if needed
  •  one tap opening for Nokia Music
  • alternatively listening to an album from your music library
  •  launch Here Drive + or any other installed navigation app with your desired address to navigate to
  • write NFC tag to launch app
  • uses only dark theme to save battery

Also this app is part of NFC Toolkit. If you just need this, download it right here:

car dashboard

XMusicShare (Windows Phone 8.1)

Want to share the song you are listening to? Yay, this is what XMusicShare is all about!

XMusicShare tries to detect the song you are listening to. If it cannot be detected, you can search the Xbox Music catalog for your song details.

You can choose which song details you want to share (artist, album, track name) and also add the link to the Xbox Music Store while sharing (looks awesome on Facebook).

Currently, detecting all song details only works with locally stored music. If you are streaming or using any other app than the Xbox Music app, song details may not be detected.


MSicc’s Blog

With this small and fast little app it is very easy to read and follow MSicc’s Blog on your phone. Who is MSicc? Marco Siccardi, our lead developer and an absolute Microsoft fan. This is the Windows Phone app for his personal blog.

current features:

  • recent articles & categories
  • search MSicc’s Blog
  • image gallery for every post
  • read and post comments
  • share on your social networks
  • save for later with via Pocket
  • share via SMS
  • share via NFC

If you want to keep up to date with MSicc’s Blog, download the app today:

MSicc´s Blog


WinPhanDev Blog

This is the official app.

Who we are you ask? We are WinPhans (Windows+Phone+Fans), and developing for the Windows Platform.

In this first version you can read recent articles while you are on the go as well as share them via social networks and email.

If you are a WinPhanDev, do not hesitate to download the official app:

WinPhanDev Blog


Friends & You (for Telefónica Germany)

friends and you

Marco Siccardi was an employee of Telefónica Germany until the end of 2014. Also with doing software development besides his main job, he got recognized within the company.

In 2013, the Head of Customer Services needed a developer that was able to develop an app that should help to improve customer service with the help of Telefónica’s employees. This was the birth of Friends & You.

To read more about Friends & You, click here.


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