NFC Toolkit

NFC Toolkit is not another app that reads and writes tags.

It is able to that, but it provides you also profiles. What are profiles you ask?

Profiles open settings pages in a row to make it easy for you to set up your device. Example: You leave your house, need to deactivate Wi-Fi, activate 3G for music streaming and also Bluetooth for connecting to your car radio when you go to work. That’s one of our profiles.

We have also some extras like a car dashboard or a shopping list that you can save on a NFC tag – and much more features!

We will also add more useful features that will make your life a little bit easier.

NFC Toolkit allows you to get used to NFC for free with all features for the time of 10 days(!).

Check out some app screens (click to see full screen slide show):

Don’t wait, start using NFC to make your life easier today and download NFC Toolkit:

NFC Toolkit

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Our NFC Toolkit app was also a runners up app in Nokia’s Create contest. Mix Play & Share was on a second spot also a runners up app, and is integrated in NFC Toolkit and also available as separate app for Windows Phone 8 devices (works on all Windows Phones, not only on Nokia ones).

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