UniShare on Windows

UniShare went down a long way since its initial release on Windows Phone 8.1 and is now available as a full universal Windows 10 app.

UniShare integrates on a lot of edges into Windows, be it for sharing a picture, a link or just text from other apps. Whenever UniShare can help you to share your content to your social networks, it will be in the sharing menu. We made sharing as easy as possible, and also added new features and networks.


  • share easily across up to 10 networks (with more to come!)
  • supported networks in Basic version: Twitter (single account, LinkedIn, Facebook (personal account))
  • supported networks in Pro version: Twitter (up to 3 accounts, LinkedIn, Facebook (personal account plus pages you are admin/contributer), Tumblr, Pocket (saving links for later), Geeklist, Path, Slack (up to 5 teams), Reddit, vk.com
  • choose from a broad range of picture upload packages (from 5 pics for free up to unlimited)
  • create and use sharing profiles to easily target the right audience for your content
  • mentioning of users you are following on Twitter, your Facebook friends or team members on Slack
  • shorten links with Bit.ly, using your existing account to enable statistics
  • share pictures to networks that do not support direkt image upload like LinkedIn and Reddit, using imgur.com
  • our UserVoice is built in for faq, your suggestions and also support tickets
  • many more features to come with future updates, including translation to more languages

Here are some screenshots:

Start right now and download UniShare from the Windows Store:

Get it on Windows 10

Looking for the Windows Phone 8.1 version? You’ll find it here.

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